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Deeplinks Blog

Expanding Broadband in Portland, The Time Is Now

Access to high-speed internet in our homes is an essential service like water and electricity, not a luxury. Our local and regional governments have a responsibility to provide equitable, accessible, and affordable fast-internet service to every home and business- just like electricity, water, and waste removal. Portland, Oregon, has existing...

Image features a rainbow gradient and the text "Plant The Seeds for a Better Internet"

Nurturing the Internet Freedom Movement 🌱

EFF has been cultivating a better internet for all of us for over 30 years. Together we till the hard ground, plant the ideas, nurture the discussions, and nourish the movement we know today. Member support ensures that EFF can continue to weed out attacks on digital freedom with nuanced...

Preliminary Injunction Limiting Government Communications with Platforms Tackles Illegal “Jawboning,” But Fails to Provide Guidance on What’s Unconstitutional

A July 4 preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge in Louisiana limiting government contacts with social media platforms deals with government “jawboning”—urging private persons and entities to censor another’s speech—a serious issue deserving serious attention and judicial scrutiny.The First Amendment forbids the government from coercing a private entity...

Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 35.8

There's a lot happening in the digital rights movement, but don't worry, we've got you covered! Catch up on the latest news with our EFFector newsletter, featuring updates, upcoming events, and more. Our latest issue features updates from Reddit's moderator strike and mass exodus of users, a recap of the...

Text reading "Pride 2023" over a pixel grid. "Pride" composed of a rainbow flag, 2023 composed of black brown trans and intersex flags.

Data Sanctuary for Trans People

Data sanctuary is strongest if there is less data to protect. That’s one more reason why Congress and the states must enact comprehensive consumer data privacy legislation that limits how businesses collect, retain, use, and share our data. A great way to stop anti-trans officials from seizing data from businesses...
Text reading "Pride 2023" over a pixel grid. "Pride" composed of a rainbow flag, 2023 composed of black brown trans and intersex flags.

Around the World, Threats to LGBTQ+ Speech Deepen

Globally, an increase in anti-LGBTQ+ intolerance is impacting individuals and communities both online and off. The digital rights community has observed an uptick in censorship of LGBTQ+ websites as well as troubling attempts by several countries to pass explicitly anti-LGBTQ+ bills restricting freedom of expression and privacy—bills that also fuel...


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