photo of jason, wearing a blue shirt and jacket, with a slight smile on his face. this is not the professionally retouched version, because that one makes jason's face look very smooth. jason is nearly in his forties, and is comfortable with having wrinkles.

Jason Kelley

Activism Director

In addition to focusing on student privacy, surveillance, and free speech issues, Jason ensures that EFF's campaigns are seen by as many people as possible. Before joining EFF, Jason managed marketing strategy and content for a software company that helps non-programmers learn to code, and advertising and marketing analytics for a student loan startup. Jason received his BA in English and Philosophy from Kent State University and an M.F.A. in creative writing from The University of the South. He tries daily to apply advice from his professor Sam Pickering, the inspiration for Robin Williams’ character in Dead Poets Society: “Take out the extra words. Make it go quicker.”

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A donate button covered in creepy surveillance eye balls

Nonprofit Websites Are Full of Trackers. That Should Change.

Jump straight to the Online Privacy for Nonprofits Guide to Better PracticesToday, the vast majority of websites and emails that you encounter contain some form of tracking. Third-party cookies let advertisers follow you around the web; tracking pixels in emails confirm whether you’ve opened them; tracking links ensure websites...